Mortgage Payment
By entering a mortgage amount, interest, and term, a mortgage payment is easily determined.

Rent VS Own

This shows a buyer the advantages of tax savings, appreciation, and principal reduction to lower the cost of owning a home.

Initial Qualifier

This calculates the maximum mortgage amount based on qualifying ratios for a particular type of loan.

Equity Accelerator

This calculates the interest and time savings by applying additional principal contributions each payment.

Adjustable Rate Comparison

This will compare an adjustable rate mortgage against a fixed rate mortgage.

Cost of Waiting to Buy
This shows a buyer what can happen to the payment if while they are waiting for the price of the home to come down, the interest rate were to go up.

Your Best Investment

This compares the future value of the amount of money necessary for the down payment on a home.

Interest Affects the Price

This shows the correlation in interest to price.

Will Points Make a Difference

Choosing between two loans with different interest rates can be difficult when there are other factors.

FHA MIP Release

The Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium on a FHA loan adds a considerable expense to a mortgage payment.

Assumption Comparison

The Assumption Comparison helps a buyer to determine the advantages of assuming a FHA or VA mortgage.